Supreme to Offer Budget Line of Products

For those of you who cannot afford Supreme gear at retail, let alone aftermarket pricing, Supreme will soon be offering a budget line called Supreme Market, featuring items conveniently priced below $40.00.

Awesome has learned that one of the first items to drop in Supreme Market will be a fake plastic shit molded from the actual shit of supermodel and the subject of several iconic Supreme T-shirts, Kate Moss. The shit will be appropriately called Supreme Shit and will come in chocolate turd the morning after and burnt orange swirl offerings. It will retail for the paltry sum of $39.99 and will come with a limited-edition sticker. Rumor has it that since Kate Moss is now the new face of Saint Laurent, that Supreme and Saint Laurent will also be introducing an ultra-limited, special edition Kate Moss Supreme Shit, iced out, with 5 carats of VVS diamonds and encased in 24k gold, with the ability to be worn as a pendant on a necklace. We can only hope.

Expect the Supreme Shit to be a huge seller, so get your sleeping bags ready.

We have a love / hate relationship with Supreme.  Check out the article and photoshoot featuring Ymani and Natalie here.

For a Lil Yachty Freestyle on Public Enemy x Supreme x Undercover click here.

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