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Wu-Tang Clan and Activision to Collaborate for Call of Duty, 36 Chambers Edition

Santa Monica, CA

Videogame giant Activision announced that it will be collaborating with the legendary hip hop conglomerate, the Wu Tang Clan (“Wu”) for several upcoming projects, including Call of Duty, 36 Chambers Edition.

An inside source has confirmed some the juicy details, which if true, would make this the quintessential Call of Duty of all time. Awesome has confirmed that gamers will be able to play as every member of the Wu, including the RZA, the GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspecta Deck, U God, Masta Killa, and of course Old Dirty Bastard (“ODB”). You will also be able to unlock famous Wu accessories such as Ghostface’s eagle arm bracelet and Raekwon’s gold tarantula chain. At different points in the game, upon completion of epic side missions, you will be able to unlock three different ODB characters: Dirt McGirt, Osiris, and Big Baby Jesus. For die hard Wu fans, the side missions may seem more intriguing than the main mission.

For example, in order to unlock Big Baby Jesus, you need to complete the “No Father to His Style” side mission. Although details are limited, we have been informed that the thrust of the mission will be to assassinate several copy-cat rappers and take back the album of the seminal artist the copy-cat rapper was biting. Upon collecting all of the classic albums, you will unlock the Big Baby Jesus character. If you can solve the mystery to ODB’s style, you will also unlock a legendary skin for Big Baby Jesus.

Other unlockable characters include Wu affiliates/members, Shyheim, Cappadonna, Killa Priest, Mathematics, Cilvaringz, and Andres Johnson (AKA Christ Bearer).

The Johnson side mission shows the depth of detail the Wu is taking with this game: If you can shoot your way through an army of crooked cops and get to Johnson within three minutes of him cutting off his Johnson and falling off a building; then carry him to a safe house in time to save his Johnson, you unlock the character. The character himself is pretty much useless once unlocked.  He walks with a limp, screams whenever he ducks down for cover, cannot run or use a jump pack, and has no access to Wu Tang royalties to upgrade his garden shear weapon. He does however, sing all of his lines soprano, which is pretty entertaining.

The main mission is based in New York with the nemesis being none other than real life villain and Wu nemesis, Martin Shkreli (“Shkreli”). For those who don’t know Shkreli, he is the pharmaceutical mogul who purchased the single copy Wu Tang album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin (“Shaolin”) for two million dollars at auction. He then started a You Tube war with the Wu. It is rumored that the beef escalated to the point that the Wu put a hit out on Shkreli.

Shkreli is also the asshole owner of Turing Pharmaceuticals who acquired the rights to AIDS drug, Daraprim and increased the price from $13.50 to $750.00 per pill. He was recently convicted in Federal court on three counts of fraud.

The basic premise of 36 Chambers is for the Wu to destroy Shkreli’s drug manufacturing plants in each of the five New York boroughs. The final mission is to storm his heavily guarded and trap laden headquarters which Shkreli has set up in the middle of the Wu’s birthplace, Staten Island. The headquarters is akin to the fortress in the cult movie The Raid and is protected by ninjas, missiles, military choppers, zombie Shaolin monks, and a giant robot piloted by Shkreli. Once inside the headquarters, the Wu must steal back the Shaolin album and assassinate Shkreli. In order to defeat Shkreli, you have to obtain enough Wu points for each member of the Wu, so they are powerful enough to form like Voltron into a giant Wu Robot (and the GZA just happen to be the head) and destroy the Shkreli manned robot boss.

Upon completion of the mission, you are able download and play the entire Shaolin album and play through the entire mission again as the Wu “W” (with yet undisclosed superpowers) and the Wu Robot. You will also be able to tea bag Shkreli with any Wu character. Finally, a special and previously unreleased version of “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing to Fuck Wit,” and the accompanying video with a hologram of ODB will be unlocked.

Perhaps the most exciting rumor is that once the game is completed, you will be able to unlock a Wu side game strikingly similar to the original Mortal Combat on Super Nintendo and use all of the finishing moves on Shkreli. Awesome was able to obtain some leaked pictures below.