Shia LeBeouf is Not a Normcore Fashion God; Rather, His Style is Influenced by Basic Betches

By: Olivia Hill

When my editor sent me the link to Highsnobiety’s article, “15 Times Shia LaBeouf  Proved He’s a Normcore Fashion God,” we joked and questioned whether this was all a satirical bit. The author writes as though they truly believe that the Even Steven’s actor had grown up to be a grimy yet well thought out fashion icon. The article goes on to say that Kanye West was inspired by LaBeouf’s style so much so that it influenced his own line of clothing.

As mentioned before, by no means am I a connoisseur of fashion. Don’t get me wrong—I have some unique pieces of clothing that people praise and ask the origin of, to which I proudly reply, “Target.”

So, as I scrolled through this article I looked at it with less of a critical eye and more of a judgmental one.  I just wanted to absorb the train wreck of colors, textures, and objects Shia had allegedly put so much care into assembling.

To be fair, the author does have a very good eye for detail, with their main argument being that if LaBeouf did not care about his outfit, he wouldn’t have expertly tucked his socks into his joggers. A valid point, as my sock game can’t even be bothered to match.

But in this compilation of questionable style, what stuck out to me the most is how much it mirrored my own closet from the years 2011 to 2015. The college years. Even worse: the sorority years.

And since these are years that are practically half a decade behind us, we can deduce that Shia LaBeouf’s “individual style” was actually influenced by…basic betches! Please consider the expertly* crafted argument complete with hard hitting evidence below:

Let’s start with the most obvious, courtesy of @shiasoutfits on Instagram:

Awesome Totally Awesome - Shia

Here he’s rocking a grey crop top, pink leggings, and white converse-esque shoes. Swap out the tight fuchsia with black yoga pants and this is the exact outfit I’d wear to class every day in my undergrad career. The only other difference would be that my shirt actually had the famed Victoria Secret brand, PINK screen printed onto it.

Awesome Totally Awesome - Shia

Here’s another that is so clearly inspired by srat style it’s painful. What do sorority girls love? Trips to Disneyland—and/or Disney World, depending on which coast you live on. And what do they love sporting while at Disneyland-slash-World? Matching shirts for them and their BAE found on Etsy that make reference to classic Disney movies.  Who knows who owns the other half of Shia’s two T-shirt deal that reads “BEAST,” but one thing is for certain: Shia’s mom being dressed like an employee working a ride out of Fantasyland only further supports this argument.

Awesome Totally Awesome - Shia

I only need one word to argue my point in this picture: UGGS.

Awesome Totally Awesome - Shia

While camo has always been a pattern that makes me wretch when I see it worn IRL, you can’t deny that as a sorority girl, there was probably one frat party a year with some sort of asinine “army theme,” that made you purchase the green and brown print.  I guess Shia didn’t get the memo that it was meant exclusively for the hours of 10 PM – 2 AM.

Awesome Totally Awesome - Shia

I know everyone’s thinking a sorority girl would never be caught dead in any of the items pictured above. And you’re right. Because this is the outfit we hope no one sees is in as we sneak out of a one nightstand the next morning. It’s a hodgepodge of items found on the floor of a guy’s room to cover our scantily clad outfits from the previous evening. Big t-shirt, cotton shorts, and the Crocs have an explanation too. Heels and early morning sidewalk don’t mix, and we’re too empathetic of a species to steal a guy’s precious Jordan’s. So the solution to avoiding disease and broken glass getting on our bare feat: stealing a pair of shower shoes.

At the end of the day, I think we can chalk another win for the ladies who dominate the fashion world, even if their comfy college campus chic was completely accidental, because it clearly moved one of the wildest minds in Hollywood.

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